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2023 GABF Bronze for Dortmunder or German-Style Oktoberfest

Dorty Work Export Lager

Hold onto your lederhosen you little lager heads! We’ve got work to drink! Dorty Work, to be precise. Our Dortmunder/Export – esque pale lager! [sidebar: if you’ve never heard of this style, or tried one before, it’s not your fault! We’ll simplify it for you – it’s kind of a hoppy Helles or more bitter Wiesn. Still lost? You’re not alone. Ok, it’s a lightish, slightly malty, gently hoppy, balanced & crisp crusher. Um, it’s like a touch more flavorful beer flavored beer. YOU KNOW BEER? YES! OK WELL THIS IS IT. Cool. I think we’re still technically in a sidebar so we’re gonna finagle our way out of it now.] This beer was brewed with Weyermann Pilsner & Vienna malt, hopped with Magnum, Mitteflruh, and Tettnang from Deutschland, and is built for your consumption! Prost!