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A Moon Without A Tide

DDH West Coast IPA  |  7.3% ABV  |  70 IBU

Ok ok so Citra, it’s like this magnificent, beautiful supermoon of a hop. When it’s out shining in the dark of night, you can’t miss it. And when it’s not out, you still know it’s there. It’s presence is a foundational pillar of hop forward beers. BUTTTTTT, in an assertive West Coast Style IPA, Citra needs a little help. It’s just too pleasant on it’s own – it needs some TEETH. And that’s where Columbus hops come in, a resinous tide anchoring that soft Citra on the surface. When those forces combine – you get peaches cut with unripe blackberries, tangerines cut with ruby red grapefruit, and jasmine cut with spruce tips. You wanna know where the light is? Tell us what you saw, we’ll tell you what we saw.