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Abort the Court IPA

IPA  |  6.5% ABV  |  60 IBU

Way back when, in 2017, we brewed a beer called Rhythm Method, which raised funds for our regional Planned Parenthood branch. The name and description was cute. This one, less so. Five years later, the Supreme Court –  a group that currently includes a couple of judges credibly accused of sexual assault and harassment – is about to strip the right of body autonomy away from women. They are trying to erase a ruling put in place to protect the health, safety, and privacy of a woman’s body. Abortion is healthcare, and any reason to get one is, and should continue to be, none of your fucking business. Proponents will say it’s about protecting “life” – but if that’s true, then why is there so little attention and resources put towards universal healthcare, childcare, parental care & leave, and early education? On that note, maybe a court decision banning easy access to assault rifles that can take away the life of this post-fetus in mere seconds should, by this line of reasoning, also be coming any day now, no? Anyways – we’re rambling here because we are fucking mad. 100% of the profits from this beer will be split between the Northwest Abortion Access Fund ( and Planned Parenthood Great Northwest ( This beer is our small way of helping women in our backyard along with women in more restrictive states (we’re looking at you, Idaho) get safe abortions. Get fucked, SCOTUS. 




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