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Age Appropriate

IPA  |  6.8% ABV  |  60 IBU

We don’t think you’re mature enough to handle this beer. And that’s fine. With age comes experience, grace, perspective, patience (maybe), and like, lots of other stuff you just wouldn’t understand. Sure, other IPAs are more fun – they seem carefree, green, full of juicy zest and gusto. But this isn’t one of them. Honestly, this can’t even hang with them because if it did, it’d look kinda creepy and get asked things like “Is this juicy IPA your daughter, or….” But here’s the thing: this type of IPA deserves to be here, respected and appreciated, in all it’s Lemony meets Piney meets Earthy meets Floral GLORY. This IPA shakes it’s fist and yells at clouds…just let it do it’s thing.
6.8% abv, 60 IBUs