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And You’re Invited

German-Style Festbier  |  5.6% ABV  |  20 IBU

There once was this party over in Germany. It was like, kind of a thing for 200ish years. You should read about it. It’s been cancelled before….because of wars, and pandemics…just like the one we’re in the middle of, but the other ones were less preventable, because they didn’t have MODERN  fucking SCIENCE. Anyways…this beer, it’s a tribute to those beers made for that festival, that you can’t go to. It’s light and bready, thanks to a blend of Weyermann Pilsner, Vienna, & CaraMunich malts. We balanced it out with some Magnum & Tettnang hops. While you can’t actually go to the party, this beer invites you to drink a lot of these, and think about what that party would’ve been like. And yeah, it’s a bummer to miss it, but you know what? It’s still nice to be invited.