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Did you know both our locations have HEAT?! They do! So you have that going for you...

Antiques Hopshow

American Pale Ale  |  5.5% ABV  |  50 IBU

🎵da da duh da, da da duh da, do doodly do 🎵 

James Callahan: Ok so tell us what you have here.

Cloudburst: Well, we were rummaging through our cooler one afternoon while brewing a pale ale and came across some boxes marked with what appeared to be names of hops? But like, not the hops people use today. These things were relics, and all started with the letter “C” which is weird because there’s 26 letters to choose  from…

JC: Right. What a spectacle, that must’ve been a gas! So, what names were on these boxes??

CB:  Centennial, Chinook, Crystal, and Cascade. It sounded like a line of cleaning products!

JC: How comical. But yes, you are in fact correct, these are hop varieties, none of which we developed after the year 198X. And so what did you do with them?

CB: We put them in this beer!

JC: NO! 


JC: Well isn’t that a riot. Where did it get this orange-hued color from?

CB: Oh, so we used a little bit of Crystal malt in the recipe as well, which according to our research, has no relation to the Crystal hops also used. Why are they even named the same?!

JC: You got me on that one! Ok, so as far as an estimate goes, as an heirloom recipe, we know it’s priceless to you, and putting a dollar amount on something like this doesn’t really capture the intrinsic value. That said, a pint of something like this would typically go for $7 dollars in today’s market.

CB: SEVEN DOLLARS?! WHAT A STEAL! We can’t wait to tell our family all about it via our consumer cellular flip phone when they get back from their American Cruise Line Mississippi River adventure!