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Around the Block

DDH West Coast IPA  |  7% ABV  |  6.3 IBU

Have you been around the block? Oh you HAVE?! The WCIPA block? Well, you should probably take another lap, or hundred. Because the hop varieties in the beer have seen it ALL. Chinook? Been there since 1985, and used every which way in IPAs since its inception. Columbus? It was literally BRED in th early 90s to bitter your hoppy beers. And Citra? Well, now that one is only the most grown hop in the entire WORLD – and is probably the single largest factor that contributed to the explosive growth of craft beer the last decade. So yeah, these three hops have seen some beers. More beers than we could ever make, and more beers than anybody could ever drink. GATHER ROUND AND TAKE A SEAT CHILDREN, IT’S TIME TO BE SCHOOLED.