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Art Deco Stuff

DIPA  |  8.3% ABV  |  65 IBU

You might be aware, we don’t package our beer in cans (or bottles, for that matter).. But if we did, this DIPA would have a bunch of Art Deco stuff on the label. We’re talking lots of lines and patterns – like rectangles. And…and diamonds! It would make any geometry aficionado gosh darn proud. Maybe we’d even add some flared sconces, and it would definitely have a super cool font. But it’d still be simple, clean, & streamlined. Just like this hop bill of Azacca, Mosaic, and Citra. With elegant expressions of passionfruit, post-modern salmonberry and futuristic white grapefruit perched upon a contemporary malt bill of Pilsner & 2 Row that finishes with a crisp, avant garde dryness – you’ll be dreaming of René Lalique in no time.
8.3% abv, 65 IBUs