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Blanc and Tonic

Fancy Beer  |  5.9% ABV  |  60 IBU

There was a time, not so long ago, when brewers would be inspired by flavors that existed outside of beer and would then try to create a beer around them, using traditional ingredients and novel, in-house techniques. Creativity was about process – not about sourcing extract & chemically enhanced flavors, using random brewing aids, and children’s cereal. And now, as you read this, some brewer in the universe has been reduced to making alcoholic water. FUCK THAT NOISE. We make beer here, and do it the hard way. And when we’re inspired by a unique flavor profile, such as a Lillet & Tonic Spritz garnished with a lime wedge, we’ll try to figure out how to make a beer that reflects that catalyst with traditional ingredients and an experimental approach. So, we started with a pale ale base that we hopped with Hallertau Blanc. Then, we added fresh lime and lemon zest to the whirlpool. And finally, we made our own tonic concentrate by steeping Cinchona Bark (a natural source of Quinine) and Lemongrass in hot water, deaerating it, and injecting into the finished beer once it was cooled down. Does it taste exactly like a Spritz or a G&T? Nope. Does it taste like a beer that is inspired by some of those components? Sure does.
5.9% abv, 60 IBUs