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Can’t Hardly Wait IPA

IPA  |  7% ABV  |  60 IBU

Peep this: The anticipation has been killing us. School’s out, graduation is over, and it’s time to for one last hurrah. Galaxy hops, which are like the Gwyneth of hops, are in the house, and they brought along they’re hot AF friends Idaho 7, Citra, and Mosaic to take the tropical-themed party to the next level. In this light, 2 Row and Pils malt somewhat resemble David Duchovny in X Files. Don’t get distracted and let the night devolve into a chance encounter with an Angel Stripper while listening to Barry Manilow’s Mandy. Or find yourself on top of a roof comparing the stars to salt on a pretzel that God wants to eat. This beer is destined for a better future, a happily ever after with Kurt Vonnegut and Jennifer Love Hewitt, and we want you live in the moment as you take it all in, one sip at a time, with Third Eye Blind playing in the background.
7.0% abv, 60 IBUs