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Change Of Plans

Pale  |  6.0% ABV  |  58 IBU

I mean, the plan WAS to brew a west coasty pale ale with a public Hop Research Council experimental hop variety. It’s just, we were expecting to use a different one…that didn’t get delivered in time. And believe us, we TRIED to wait for FedEx to deliver it. We kept pushing it further down the hop bill. In the boil, we ended up some Chinook, and some Cascade, and then some Citra…but when the whirlpool filled up, we used W1121-059 from the Washington State University program, which was in our cooler all along, just patiently waiting for us to get into it. And we’re happy for it! Overall, this beer has notes of meyer lemon, orange marmalade, & fresh pine needles upon a slightly more old school malt bill of 2 row and Maris Otter.