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Hi! Just a heads up, in case you're new here! We actually have TWO locations. Our Shilshole (Ballard) beer garden is open for pints onsite & beer To-Go all 7 days a week. WOW! Our Western (Downtown) location also offers To-Go beer 7 days a week, plus limited indoor seating on FRI PM - SUN. #themoreyouknow

Children of the Haze IPA

IPA  |  6.5% ABV  |  50 IBU

Hi Kids. Do you like the hazies hazebombs dot com AF? Cool. Us too. That’s what this is all about, no doubt, big clout. It’s got like, every single low color malt and adjunct in it, because YOLO FRODO HELLO MOTO! We’re talking 2 Row, Pilsner, White Wheat, Red Wheat, Oat malt, Flaked Oats, Flaked Barley…yeah, we know – ‘cares? Heard Nerd. WHAT ABOUT DAT HOPSCRILLA GREENERY?!?!?! WE GOTCHU B! This potable liquid is crammed full of CITRA AND MOSAIC and cascade ALL THE WAY UP YOUR BUTTHOLE. You’re gonna love it, you’re gonna live it, it’s your best life, right here, right now, but be bubble wrap because there’s a pandemic going on in the outside world and you don’t need THAT but you do need THIS lit bit cloudy shit. ggnorekthxbai!