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Did you know both our locations have HEAT?! They do! So you have that going for you...

Clear History…

Throwback Pale  |  5.8% ABV  |  57 IBU

You know when you’re browsing the internet and start to feel a little frisky? Oh you know. YEAH YOU DO. Like, you’re just messing around, enjoying a pale ale and your mind starts to wander into what other pale ales are out there and what goes into them and where are they made and how do they do it and when did they become a normal thing. And you’re getting super comfortable and into it and you decide you’re going to make a pale ale, right then and there, so you start to slowly open bags of 2 row and FUCK IT a whole bag of Crystal T-50 and shit’s starting to get HOPPY so you rip open bags of Chinook AND Simcoe AND Centennial and JUST SHOVE YOUR FACE IN THEM AND INHALE ALL THEIR FRUITY AND RESINOUS ODORS AHHHHHHHH THE GLORY OF YAKIMAAAA! And then suddenly, you’re all awkward and are like, was that weird? Maybe we should just keep this to ourselves, and might as well cover our tracks too for good measure, nothing to see here, just a classic NW pale ale for you to enjoy.