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Did you know both our locations have HEAT?! They do! So you have that going for you...

Conditional Hours

Pale Ale  |  6.1% ABV  |  40 IBU

Beer names are cool huh? We can name things silly, serious, stylistic, stimulating, nonsensical, after a song or a poem or a book or a movie or an essay, the world is our proverbial oyster, whatever that means. This time, we chose a name that is informative. It’s essentially a PSA, reminding everybody that our Western Avenue location has conditional hours of operation.

Western is open for business every day. HOWEVER, Monday through Thursday we are To-Go ONLY from 12-6pm. That means you cannot drink beer inside our tasting room on those days. BUT, you can do that on Friday starting at 4pm til 10pm, on Saturday from Noon – 10pm, and on Sunday from Noon – 8pm.

We know it’s annoying. But our tasting room is in our load zone. And since we are a brewery that had to wholly change our business model in 2020 for survival, we are now using the tasting room 5 days a week for our production needs.

And we get it, people serendipitously swing by everyday – mostly shocked, surprised, disappointed, annoyed – to find this information out. Which is why all this information is on our website here and here, our ig profile here, and even on google over here. That said, both @googlebusiness and #fuckyelp don’t allow us to specify these conditional hours in our public listings so they don’t really help us that much. THAT SAID, our location at 5456 Shilshole Ave in Ballard (a mere 4.9 miles away) is open every day of the week to happily serve you fresh pints in an open/covered/heated space. We even have a food truck there that serves some of the best dumplings & noodles in town, while we’re on the subject.

Ok ok this is a lot of words, none of which are about this delicious pale ale with Oregon grown Meridian hops and Yakima grown Citra, bursting with notes of blackberries and tangerines. Some beers serve as vehicles of hops and some for change, and some to just to remind you what our conditional hours are at Western Ave. If you are still reading this description, bless your heart. You deserve a beer!