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Consciously Unobtrusive IPA

IPA  |  7% ABV  |  50 IBU

Fun fact: Crystal hops were first bred and used in 1993. They came out of the same USDA lab as Cascade (1972), Centennial (1974), and Chinook (1985) – but get a lot less of the attention, especially in hop forward beers. And we get it – they are definitely more subtle, with pleasant floral, woody, herbal, spicy, & zesty notes. We actually often use this hop in lagers because of those smooth and delicate flavors. But, we believe this little public hop can be highlighted more! Especially the recent lots grown by Gayle Goschie down in Silverton, Oregon.  And when it’s combined with Citra, like in this recipe, you get notes of white peach, rainier cherries, and nectarines in a soft, nuanced, well balanced expression that goes down just a little too easy.