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Cool Your Jets IPA

IPA  |  7% ABV  |  60 IBU

It has recently come to our attention that this 2020 lot of New Zealand Nelson Sauvin hops from Freestyle Farms is AMAZING. We have no idea how we lucked out  – perhaps it had something to do with Crosby selecting them for us. Anyways, when we found out how awesome they were, we were all like “Um. Hi. We just got that box of Nelson in and… DO YOU KNOW HOW UNREAL THESE ARE?! WHAT THE WHAT?!? HOW MANY BOXES DO WE HAVE OF THESE ON CONTRACT?! WOW. THAT MANY?! ARE YOU SURE?! OK. YES. SEND THEM ALL TO US. YES. ALL THE BOXES. OUR ENTIRE ALLOTMENT. NO, NO, THANK YOU! OKAY!!” and Crosby were all like “Dudes. Cal – Calm down. Take it easy. Are you breathing? shhh. Take a deep breath and use your quiet voices. Chill please. STOP. COOL YOUR JETS. JESUS. What have we done.”  And then afterwards we were all like, “let’s make an IPA with Pilsner and 2 Row base malt and hop it with mostly Nelson Sauvin, plus a little Citra & Mosaic.”

So we did.