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Dear Diary

DIPA  |  8.4% ABV  |  72 IBU

Dear Diary,

We brewed a double IPA today. I know, big whoop. But we designed the recipe around Centennial hops…and it’s 2018?!? Random! The kids don’t think these hops are cool anymore. Aaaand we probably shouldn’t have used them. BUT WE LIKE CENTENNIAL SO MUCH. ALMOST AS MUCH AS TOMMY LIKES SAMANTHA, WHO STILL WON’T EVEN SAY HI TO ME SO WHATEVER. Also, my dad likes Centennial hops and he’s a cool Dad when he’s not being annoying. Back to Centennial. I mean, there’s so much flavor of grapefruit, black currant, blood orange and juicy fruit in this beer – what’s not to like?! We even added a little bit of Simcoe and Citra for more citrusy fruit flavors. Kids LOVE Citra, so there’s that. Maybe they won’t even know. I can’t wait to see the look on their faces when they realize it’s Centennial they’re checking in. Fun times! K bye.
8.4% abv, 72 IBUs