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Definitely Your Father’s

Dad Beer  |  7.6% ABV  |  55 IBU

It’s Winter time, and that means it’s peak Dad-Beer Season. You know, like – Celebration, Jubelale, Snowcap, Wassail, Cabin Fever, etc. etc. So we obliged by blending a handful of medium to dark-hued malts because Dads love reddish beers. And then we layered all that malt with Dad’s favorite hops – Chinook, Centennial, & Cascade – throughout the boil and fermenter for that nostalgic PNW hop profile of pine, resin, & grapefruit. And with a sneaky high-ish abv, it means Dad is going to get a little goofy…and then fall asleep snoring on the couch with the tv on. Just gIve the guy a break and let him sleep – he had to put up with your shit for decades.
7.6% abv, 55 IBUs