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Distinctive Holiday Ale

Spiced Winter Warmer  |  6.7% ABV  |  45 IBU

The day Sapporo decided to close Anchor Brewing was a sad, sad day. But a few weeks prior to that, they announced the discontinuation of their Special Ale (aka Christmas Ale), and that was a mad, MAD day. We get that a spiced winter warmer is not an easy sell (LIKE, PLEASE BUY THIS BEER) but that version was essentially canonized. It was always rich in malt and interesting in flavor – often spiced, but never with the same combination – and packaged in an iconic bottle (or magnum) with a new label every year. If that beer was to no longer exist…well, what does that say about…um…the storied winter seasonal beer market? And thus, we put it upon ourselves to create a similar rendition, filling that glaring, singular hole on the shelf at your favorite bottle shop. A beer of malts, hops, spices, joy and cheer. A beer you can drink one can of, leave a second can in the back of your fridge, bring the other 2 cans over to your friends house so they can drink one can and regift the other one. So watch out, seasonal shelf turds –  there’s a new Special Ale in town and it’s our Distinctive Holiday Ale.