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Do Over IPA

IPA  |  7.0% ABV  |  62 IBU

Every hop deserves a second chance. Most, maybe even a third. And that’s where Ekuanot comes in. Wait WAIT. DON’T YOU DARE STOP READING. We first had taste of Ekuanot as Hop #366 in 2013, before it was released to the public with the name Equinox….which then had to be changed with trademark reasons…so yeah, it wasn’t the smoothest roll out for a new hop variety. Anyways, the hop previously known as Equinox was promising! At times, at least! But then people started to make single hop IPAs with it and it would go all green bell pepper, and the farmers were still tweaking picking windows, and quite a few brewer’s wrote this hop off. Acreage went from 890 planted acres in 2017 all the way down to 381 acres in 2021. But guess what? THIS SHIT IS FIRE NOW. STOP LAUGHING. Seriously, try this beer and tell us it doesn’t deserve a seat at the IPA table. And yes, the recipe is cut with Citra – but the overall math is 30% Ekuanot T-90s, 30% Ekuanot Cryo, & 40% Citra T-90s, resulting in flavors of white pineapple, tangerine, dark cherry and a hint of red peppercorn. So yeah…EkuaNOT? More Like EkuaYEAH!