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Dominate Your Life

DIPA  |  7.8% ABV  |  68 IBU

It’s simple, ok? Don’t let this DIPA dominate your life. Just like COVID-19. You know, the thing that has killed 215,000 Americans (likely more), infected a total of almost 8 million Americans (definitely more), some of which will have lasting complications and repercussions forever – either directly from the virus, or via losing someone to it. You know, the thing that has severely altered travel, so that countless humans haven’t seen their extended families, loved ones, children and friends. That little virus that dictates our every cautious action and keeps our mind inundated with warnings, anxiety, and depression, as we try our best to salvage any piece of normalcy, keep a job, afford healthcare and rents and mortgages as we go into more debt, with no bail out, relief or even vacation in sight. This thing that we don’t even know when it will end, that could come back with avengence in a month or two, that has disrupted and weakened the economy, our education system, our public transportation, and democracy as we know it. And we haven’t even gotten to how much worse all of this has impacted those of lower economic status….WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK IS GOING ON RIGHT NOW. PLEASE VOTE ALL THESE SELFISH, PRIVELEDGED, GREEDY, INCOMPETENT, SPINELESS SCUMBAGS IN POWER….

Ughh…rghhhh…..umm, so this beer. It’s hopped with Strata, Galaxy, Simcoe pellets & cryo –  and when you drink it, we hope you can close your eyes and let it be a brief reprieve from all things actually dominating your life.