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Did you know both our locations have HEAT?! They do! So you have that going for you...

Edge Your Bets IPA

IPA  |  6.3% ABV  |  50 IBU

Today we’d like to talk to you about a fun new trend called  “edging”. No. Not that kind, you fucking pervs. This trend is happening in hop fields. Ok we get it. But seriously, farmers are starting to really think outside the box WITH VARIETY SPECIFIC PICKING WINDOWS you sick fucks. So much so that there’s an upcoming panel about it with CLS Farms and Virgil Gamache Farms and Sierra Nevada at the National MBAA meeting this October. And to celebrate this new found perspective of harvest timing, we brewed an IPA with each farm’s famous (& proprietary) hop variety – El Dorado from CLS and Amarillo from VGF – that was picked on the edges of traditional time windows, going more off field sensory analysis (subjective) than dry matter analysis (objective). This is also known as going by “feel,” and when placed in the hands of these experts, the results are ORGASMICLY TANTALIZING. OHHHH SNAP WE GOT YOU! CALL IT A CLIMAX.