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Eventually Anyway

Dark Stuff  |  5.8% ABV  |  40 IBU

Look: We all love little sips of massive, thick imperial stouts, often times barrel aged and/or laden with lactose, coffee, chocolate, vanilla, maple syrup, french toast, birthday cake, eggo waffles, snickers bars, and whatever other sweet snack is leftover in the brewery break room. It’s funny! It’s CrAzY!! Hahaha! Insulin shock! MY TEETH HURT. We know, we get it, we make a few ourselves…kinda. But sometimes, we just want a full pint or two of a simple, balanced, easy drinking roast forward stout. Those aromas & flavors of espresso beans, dark chocolate, burnt bread crust – they’re from the malt. The silky smooth body – we used flaked oats and rye, and a slightly warmer mash temp. That underlying earthy bitterness and fruity finish – that’s hops…also some yeast. That’s it. You might never wait in line for this…but you’re going to appreciate and enjoy this beer….eventually, anyway.
5.8% abv, 40 IBUs