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Fanfare and Theme

DIPA  |  8.8% ABV  |  70 IBU

You know that song that goes like, Bum bum babum brum – Tshhh – bum bum babum brum – BPRUUAAH BPRUUAA DADOO DUM DO DO DUMTILIDODODUMTODEDODODOOOOOOO? Yes you do. You’ve been hearing it for like 10 days straight on NBC.. It comes around every two years, alternating in the Winter and the Summer seasons. Anyways…that’s the name of that song. It’s also the name of this beer. Which is a competitive medley of Simcoe, Galaxy, & Mosaic hops, duking it out with the citrusy and tropical notes til the judge says “STOP.”
8.8% abv, 70 IBUs