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Flash in the Pan IPA

IPA  |  7% ABV  |  65 IBU

IPAs Dude. They are like ever evolving, yet anchored to constant tenants. They ebb & flow, while continually crossing that familiar axis. It’s like – a guitar solo will get your attention, but would you even notice it without a backing baseline? Remember when Amarillo was the hottest hop in all the world? And Green Flash was king? And then Simcoe came out and people were like FUCK. Fast forward to now, but then take three years off – that’s where CRYO changed the game. Especially for a hop like Mosaic. And that’s still NOW. Even though T-45s were around from like the beginning. The concept was always there. The technology keeps it relevant. And the taste buds keep adapting. A brief flicker of fame, never to be repeated, until the record skips or our memory fades. Um, what else? Do you remember dinosaurs? Those things must’ve been CRAZY…
7.0% abv, 65 IBUs