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Fun Differential

DIPA  |  8.1% ABV  |  70 IBU

Inspired by M’s coach Scott Servais, we poured over recent metrics and statistics regarding the successful outcomes of certain double IPAs. Coach is right – often, an overlooked stat is called Fun Differential – which relates to how much more fun the drinker has while enjoying one of our DIPAs compared to DIPAs from other breweries.  After a few observations and correlative calculations, we called up Galaxy, Strata, Citra and Azacca Cryo from the cooler and inserted them in the starting line-up. As a result, we predict our fun differential to be maximal, optimal, and optimaximal- largely in part to the notes of ripe tangerine, papayas, mangos and corresponding higher percentage of alcohol by volume. And as we all know, beers that end the season with higher fun differential percentages tend to have higher win rates. And EVERYBODY likes winning. So go, get out there and play some beer!