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Hi! Just a heads up, in case you're new here! We actually have TWO locations. Our Shilshole (Ballard) beer garden is open for pints onsite & beer To-Go all 7 days a week. WOW! Our Western (Downtown) location also offers To-Go beer 7 days a week, plus limited indoor seating on FRI PM - SUN. #themoreyouknow

Generic Space Reference IPA

IPA  |  6.9% ABV  |  65 IBU

Greetings Earthlings. This IPA is out of this world. How do you know? Umm…because space shit is involved?!? Like exploding stars and astronauts and Galaxy hops and asteroids and Comet hops and planets and solar systems and Citra hops and rockets and astronauts and El Dorado hops and gravitational fields and satellites and and and LARGE MAGELLANIC CLOUDS! That’s why you will like this beer. It’s got haze, it’s got hops, it’s got a dry finish…but mostly because we put a lot of research and ingenuity into the CONCEPT and DESIGN of this beer. Prepare for blast off, this IPA is totally nebular!
6.9% abv, 65 IBUs