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Gonna Tell My Kids IPA

IPA  |  6.9% ABV  |  54 IBU

Would you look at that? Seems like we got ourselves a good ole fashioned hazy IPA on our hands. It’s like a fine, even sheen of cloudy maize colored goodness that is probably oh so soft and sweet and juicy that we can just take our time sipping this thing. [crack – hiss – pour] Mmm, smells like candied citrus and rainier cherries. Can’t wait to taste this thing…[glug glug gulp]…hmm. Um. Huh. Ok so like the citrus is there, but is that pine? And like husky pineapple? And lemon peel? Wait, what is this lingering flavor on the back of my tongue? And what is that snap in the finish, like it’s prickly and drying my mouth out but also kinda refreshing? How is there zero wheat or oats in this? PLEASE TELL ME THE HOP BILL. Oh just Citra (obvs), Idaho 7 (umm), Centennial (nah), Cascade Cryo (gtfo).