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Hard to Dream IPA

IPA  |  6.5% ABV  |  55 IBU

This beer name is not what it seems. Like, I’m sure you were thinking we were gonna take this in a dark direction with the current state of affairs – like how House Committees are being taken over by right wing extremists, or how Florida is turning into Gilead right before our eyes, or how thoughts and prayers still don’t seem to be a panacea for police and gun reform – and how it’s hard to sleep right now, let alone dream, and have good dreams at that! Nope. This beer’s name is because it was brew number 1,111 – aka eleven eleven – which happens to be an early 00s emo lyric from an exceptionally cringey/whiney song that teenage Steve may or may not have used to sing at full volume while driving solo in his car. Well this just got awkward. So, this beer – we decided to give Vista hops (the newest public hop variety from the USDA) another shot and paired it with two Yakima classics – Citra & Simcoe – which resulted in notes of satsuma, white grapefruit, pine needles and “if it hurts you then I’m sorry please don’t think that this was easssyyyyyyyyy.”