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Hi Bill Hiii

Dad Beer  |  4.3% ABV  |  22 IBU

Hey Bill! Hi! Look what we did over here! This beer! It’s like yours! But a tiny bit different! For real: ask any brewer in Seattle to name their top 5 favorite beers made in this city, and there’s a good bet that Machine House’s Dark Mild is on that list. For being a timeless, under-appreciated style in a sea of IPAs, that’s a pretty impressive feat. Inspired by Head Brewer Bill Arnott’s dedication to traditional, cask-conditioned English-style ales, we decided to give one a rip. The resulting beer exhibits semi-sweet chocolate aromas with a hint of roast espresso, followed by bread crust and earthy UK Fuggles hops all wrapped in a low abv package built to session. This is a beer for brewers.
4.3% abv, 22 IBUs