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Did you know both our locations have HEAT?! They do! So you have that going for you...

Holidazical IPA

IPA  |  6.9% ABV  |  60 IBU

If we’re being honest here, we’ve been having a hard time even knowing what day it is. Like, it’s already halfway through December and we had no idea. It feels like it’s been this way forever and time is becoming a flat circle. But since somebody picked their head up and realized we all HAVE A DAY OFF (!?) next week, we felt it was time to release a “Winter” IPA. What is a “Winter” IPA? Well, that’s a great question… It’s an IPA, we know that. And drank during Winter, because of course. And maybe a little more piney than usual? Maybe? We don’t know. Anyways, this IPA has Chinook, Simcoe, Comet & Cashmere hops layered throughout the process. Whether your holidays are magical or lackadaisical, we hope you stay in sweatpants, never leave your home, eat delicious food, zoom your friends and family, and enjoy this beer – whether it’s 10am or 10pm…