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In A Perfect World IPA

IPA  |  6.5% ABV  |  55 IBU

Lately, we’ve found ourselves saying this phrase all the time, every. single. day. “Well, in a perfect world, yadi yadi yada…” Mostly on a micro level – with brew schedules, production planning, canning runs, sales projections – we have A LOT more moving parts these days. And as creatures of habit, this has been one of the hardest challenges of them all – predicting our week, our day, our afternoon. And of course, we use this phrase on the macro level as well – like how the senate should be power checking an authoritarian wannabe, how members of the house used to represent their constituents over special interests, how fellow humans still fighting an uphill battle for equality & justice, or how the attorney general used to prosecute all citizens that commit large scale, fraudulent crimes. But here we are, 2020, in all it’s fuckery. While the world is far from perfect, and never has been, this IPA is the closest thing we can get to it this week. It’s got a little bit of everything – mostly 2 row, some Maris Otter, and splashes of wheat & oats – and then hopped with Strata, Simcoe, Idaho 7 and Citra for some bright flavors of ruby red grapefruit, passion fruit, guava, & pineapple.