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Indirect Sunlight IPA

IPA  |  6.6% ABV  |  68 IBU

Today, we’d like to talk about solar eclipses, because 1. Are you even supposed to look at them? 2. If you DO directly look at them, don’t you go blind? 3. If you can’t look at them, how do we know what they even look like? 4. If somebody shows you a picture of one, can you even trust that it is an accurate representation of said Eclipse since you can’t look directly at it? SO MANY QUESTIONS. All because this beer is loaded with Eclipse hops from Australia, along with some Mosaic & Citra. From what we can tell, it is perfectly fine to look directly at these hops. You can also touch them and taste them, and this beer is proof that they are delicious with sun-filled notes of pineapple mai tai, a fresh squeezed greyhound, and a cape codder.