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Intentionally Blanc

Pale  |  6% ABV  |  40 IBU

I. Malt and Cereal Ingredients
a. Rahr 2-Row; Weyermann Pilsner;

[This Beer Brewed Intentionally with Hallertau Blanc]

II. Flavor and Aroma Profile
a. Flavor
i. Light Sweetness
ii. Subtle Minerality
iii. Asian Pear; Dragonfruit
b. Aroma
i. Passion Fruit; Concord Grape; Lychee; Tangelo; Sauvignon Blanc
III. Finishing Characteristics
a. Bright
i. Clean
1. Dry
a. See Appendix A
IV. Other Specific Details Regarding Contents of Beverage
a. Alcohol Content
i. 6.0% abv
b. International Bittering Units
i. 40
c. Price
i. $174 per ½ bbl
Appendix A
See Section III, subsection (a), paragraph (i), line 1.