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It’ll All Be Oatay

Oatmeal Stout  |  5.0% ABV  |  40 IBU

We know hop harvest is quite the distraction (at least it is for us!) but when we pick our heads up, the world still seems quite insane – the delta variant, hurricanes, wildfires, Florida being horrible, Texas being WORSE…UGHHH. BUT! MAYBE. JUST MAYBE. Things are going to work out? Like this is the part of the real life movie where you hit rock bottom and the world is about to crumble but then the good guys persevere and start kicking ass, make positive strides, solve some problems, and live on happily ever after? We hope?! RIGHT? Um, what else. This beer! Let’s talk about it for a second. Honestly, it’s pretty straightforward and downright delightful. Some roasty aromas, a silky body, a chocolatey finish, a sessionable abv….it’s here for you, a rich and comfy beverage, with a positive outlook on the future.