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It’s A Thing

New Zealand Pilsner  |  5.6% ABV  |  40 IBU

Ok so like if Italian Pilsners are a thing, brewed with mostly German malt and hops, then we are here to tell you that New Zealand pilsners are also a thing, and arguably even more legit. Sure, yeah, we used German pilsner malt as a base – but so does every brewer with a brain. BUT THEN we used all New Zealand grown hops – like Kohatu in the Kettle because of it’s low alpha and noble origins (Hallertau Mittelfruh is a parent), and Nelson Sauvin in the Whirlpool for some token passion fruit and white grape flavors, and Waimea in a light dry-hop for a touch of citrus and pine aromatics.  All in all, it’s a slightly fruity/floral/tropical PILSNER that is restrained, clean, quenching, and kiwi. Take our word for it – it’s a thing.