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Keys. Phone. Wallet.

DIPA  |  8.4% ABV  |  65 IBU

First DIPA: Keys? Yep in my front right pocket. Phone? Left front pocket. Wallet – always back right pocket. Wow, this Citra and Ekuanot combo is complex!
Second DIPA: Keys, on the counter. Phone on the coffee table. Wallet on the desk. Mmm, this beer goes down super easy!
Third DIPA: Keys – fuck where are my keys? I put them on the counter and then James needed to get his shit out of my car – James, where the fuck are my keys!?! – And where’s my goddamn wallet? I literally just HAD my wallet. Also, call my phone?? Why am I always losing my phone? [Pounds beer].
Fourth DIPA: SOMEBODYshouldinventabeeperclickerthingthatbeepswhenyouPUSHitsoyoucanfindyourshit becausethisSUCKSIhatethisshitandsoannnoying [Leaves glass 2/3rds full on top of phone, next to keys, wallet in plain sight].
8.4% abv, 65 IBUs