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Left on Read

Dad Beer  |  6.8% ABV  |  60 IBU

No no, this beer isn’t about how horribly aloof Seattle drivers are. But yes, they are the worst. This beer is about that one friend who refuses to change their text message notification settings so that YOU see that they have read your text message, usually quite instantly, yet take their sweet ass time to respond – leaving you hanging, as your mind wanders, and you start to wonder why haven’t they just responded to your simple question. Are they mad at me? Are they too busy? Am I that inconsequential to garner a timely response? I ALWAYS respond to them in a prompt fashion. Is this a one-sided relationship? Why am I always more considerate than they are? I guess the are pretty self- absorbed come to think of it. God they suck You know what? DEAD TO…..OH HI FRIEND!!!
2 Row, Crystal Medium, Carafa III + Simcoe, Chinook, & Centennial
6.8% abv, 60 IBUs