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Did you know both our locations have HEAT?! They do! So you have that going for you...

Line Starts Here

Dark Mild  |  3.6% ABV  |  25 IBU

It’s time to revisit this classic. That’s right, it’s English Dark Mild time, and our homage to Bill Arnott and Machine House Brewing. This beer has body, it has balance, it has deep flavor, and it’s super low in alcohol. What more could you want?! NOT A THING. Except, maybe, Bill’s version of this beer…which will always be better. BUT, he doesn’t put his version in kegs and cans, so we have that going for us! And for you! And since we last brewed this version, it seems that Dark Mild’s are still gaining traction, and we need to keep this three hundred year trend going. And we need Bill to find a new home too, so he can continue to be The King of Mild™. How do we do that? CREATE DEMAND FOR THIS STYLE. So much demand that people just line up around the block for a fresh new batch, and it’s utter chaos, but joyous chaos, with electric vibes and people pulsing with excitement, so much so we have to hire a bouncer who constantly is telling people…”THE LINE STARTS HERE!’