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Lose Yourself IPA

IPA  |  7.1% ABV  |  55 IBU

During harvest, they say you only get one shot…or more, like 11…well, 14 if you count collabs…still, DO NOT miss your shot. Because opportunity knocks once in a….year. Opportunity is like 7 weeks a year. OK. Fuck it. ANYWAYS. Harvest is OVER. That means no more fresh wet hops to be released until next September. This is our first “normal” IPA brew after the harvest chaos, and we loaded it up with Simcoe, Amarillo, Mandarina & Centennial hops. It’s got that classic, predictably delicious pithy citrus & grapefruit character over a touch of malt along with a dry finish. Snap back to reality, oh there goes gravity. And trips to Yakima..
7.1% abv, 55 IBUs