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Math is Hard

Pale  |  5.7% ABV  |  35 IBU

Sometimes making some hazy-ish styles is like re-learning math via the common core method. It forces you to rethink the basic structure of knowledge. You’ve got to reorganize the brewing content in your brain, and adjust a course that’s been gathering inertia forever. You need to simplify complications and complicate simplifications, with a fresh set of eyes and an open mind. Wait, are we talking philosophy or math? Both, in and of themselves? What the fuck.
½ 2 Row + ⅛ Pilsner + ⅛ Pale Wheat + ¼ Flaked Oats = Malt
.36 Citra + .22 Mosaic + .18 Galaxy + .14 Idaho 7 + .10 Hop 438 = Hops
Calcium Chloride x Water
5.7% abv, 35 IBUs