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Did you know both our locations have HEAT?! They do! So you have that going for you...

Music Dance Experience IPA

IPA  |  7.1% ABV  |  60 IBU

We’d like to let you know that you passed the test. It was a perfect score. And we’re happy to introduce your new team of Innies in the Macrodata Refinement Division, where you get to stare at a computer monitor to find all the scary numbers. It’s important, trust us. Speaking of numbers, this beer has a new one in it that even most Outties are unfamiliar with – HBC 735 – that we joined with Citra, a well known hop from the outside world. And this combination is so dangerous it might awaken your previously severed inner consciousness, thanks to notes of nectarine, papaya, white grapefruit & spruce. But resist that urge! Instead, we’d like to offer you some smooth, defiant jazz and a handshake available upon request. No? Well maybe a waffle will do? NO?! MARK! THINK OF THE GOATS!