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Nelson Is My Friend

IPA  |  6.8% ABV  |  58 IBU

 First off, this beer is not about Steve’s longest running friend, Erika Nelson, who grew up around the corner from him in Connecticut and went to kindergarten (Ridgebury Elementary) through undergrad (Colby College) together. But it COULD be, because she’s a wonderful human. THIS beer is about the HOP named Nelson Sauvin, the variety that put New Zealand hops ON 👏THE 👏 MAP. And after witnessing their 2023 harvest last month on the South Island, we couldn’t wait to get a “single” hop beer in the tank with it. OH SHIT WE DID THAT SINGLE HOP STYLE AGAIN – this time with  3 harvest years (20, 21, 22) from 4 operations (Freestyle, Hop Revolution, Clayton, NZ Hops) processed 2 ways (T90 & CGX). We threw in a little white wheat and spelt in this base just to strengthen the backbone for this one, as this hop needs a little more balance than others. The end result of these primo lots is all passion fruit and white grapes and watermelon with very little of that diesel/burnt rubber thing that was more prevalent in years past.