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Not A Lawyer IPA

IPA  |  6.7% ABV  |  58 IBU

From the brewers that brought you Not A Scientist, and also, Not A Doctor…we idiotically present to you another reminding beer – Not A Lawyer.  Because, um, we aren’t. BUT IF WE WERE, we’d have a hard time seeing how one could represent a person that currently has four separate criminal indictments, two of which are federal, totalling 88 charges, with the help of a slew of co-defendants, co-defenders, accomplices. Let alone all the other shady shit and previous legal issues – from casinos to Trump Univeristy to foreign investments to Super PACs to tax evasion to overt misogyny (from sexual harassment & abuse to slander & defamation). And there’s the slew of racist and homophobic comments, the disparagement of veterans, the constant disdain for immigrants and the poor, the subversion of free & fair elections, the idolization of dictators…ANYWAYS. WE ARE NOT A LAWYER. And we’re thankful for that, because some people have one helluva job on their hands. We’ll just be over here, making beer, mostly IPA, like this one, brewed with Simcoe, Cashmere, & Citra.