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Not A Scientist

DIPA  |  8.4% ABV  |  68 IBU

Back by pandemic demand! It’s crazy to think the first time we brewed this beer was 2019…before a global pandemic would upheave our, and your, entire world. Also, encourage a whole lotta of NON-SCIENTISTS to come out of the woodwork.

A second reminder that, we’re no scientist, nor is this beer, but let US tell YOU our completely unfounded opinion based on our myopic, personal experiences and a touch of random, select, unverified information. You should still listen to us (obviously) because we are fortunate enough to have a platform and we feel important and we TALK LOUD sometimes. So, here’s what’s going on with this beer. We made some hopped wort (lots of science did this – like malting and enzymes and isomerization and shit) and then we knocked out onto Mosaic cryogenically frozen powderized hop matter concentrate and saccharomyces cerevisiae so that biotransformation of hoppy stuff would occur while the yeast metabolized maltose, maltotriose, & sucrose while creating new esters and alcohols and stuff. We THEN added some Strata hops – which are this new, genetically unique variety of humulus lupulus developed by actual scientists at Oregon State University. These hops smell like tangerines and passion fruit because of all that crazy science wizardry, which allowed for that specific essential oil & terpine combination to prevail.  At the end of the day, all this stuff results in us believing that we are experts in the field of Double IPA making, the greatest style of all the beer styles in the world. Truth.