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O Pioneers!

Dark Stuff  |  6.8% ABV  |  45 IBU

You’re probably wondering what the fuck a Vermont-Style Porter is. Well, there once was a brewer in Burlington named Greg Noonan, who opened the Vermont Pub & Brewery in 1988. Most times, he brewed to style. But occasionally, he’d get heavy handed with the hop bill while making dark beers. These beers were hop forward but not like the modern iterations we taste today – think of them more as a precursor to the CDA/Black IPA/American-style Stout. A Vermont Porter isn’t hoppy enough to be considered a CDA, but there are underlying notes of pine and citrus. It’s got plenty of roasted and dark malt presence, but not enough body or weight to be an American-Style Stout. This is our tribute to a craft beer pioneer, and a throwback to creativity & innovation of times past.
6.8% abv, 45 IBUs