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Part Of The Decoration IPA

IPA  |  6.4% ABV  |  42 IBU

Is this where hazy IPAs are going? As ubiquitous as any other beverage – cola, tea, seltzer, juice, milk – where nobody cares, and they’re pretty much all the same, all just sitting on a shelf, ho hum meh blah BORING. On one hand – it’s pretty cool that a fairly new style of beer can take the world by storm in less than a decade, so much so that it’s this inevitable, predictable, mundane option that everybody has access to all over the entire country. On the other – it could make a drinker unenthused, non-committal, fatigued, and jaded… which is not cool. Just because this style everywhere doesn’t mean they are all easily swapped out widgets. Like this one – brewed with a little white wheat and hopped with NZ Peacharine, Citra, Mosaic, and Amarillo. Yeah it’s hazy and it’s juicy but there’s nuance there, with notes of tangerine, yellow peach, lychee & flintstone vitamins.