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Perfect Attendance IPA

IPA  |  7.0% ABV  |  57 IBU

We’ll give you this, Sabro. When we add you to a beer, you are assertively present. Even in small doses. Like this one. You make up 20% of the entire hop bill – which is like, double what we usually do,  but there’s still a whole lot of Citra (50%) and Idaho 7 (30%). And while we enjoy your presence – in all your key lime, cedar and beach coconut husk glory –  you certainly create a challenge as far as recipe development goes. So much so, you’re kinda annoying. Like, not only do we have to THINK about our total hop bill, but drinkers are catching on and paying attention too. We get it, you’re unique, but please play nice with other hops, especially your elders.