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Did you know both our locations have HEAT?! They do! So you have that going for you...

Physical Challenge

DIPA  |  8.4% ABV  |  68 IBU

We have three great hops here today, along with some pilsner and pale malt.
Nelson Sauvin – Here’s how this game works. We’re going to make a beer with you, ok? And if you need help with that beer, you can Dare Citra and Mosaic to join in the fun. If Citra and Mosaic need more depth, they give the beer back to you as a Double Dare, or you have the option for A PHYSICAL CHALLENGE.

PHYSICAL CHALLENGE! OK, Here’s whats gonna happen, when I say go, we’re gonna empty pilsner and pale malt into this large tun over here. Then, we’re gonna mix it up, collect some wort and dump the rest out, by spilling as little of the mash on the floor as possible. Nelson Sauvin, your job is to get added to the kettle over here. Citra and Mosaic, you’ll be over here and be added to the kettle as well. Once you’re done in the kettle, all three of you need to run over to the fermenter and get in as quickly as possible. Careful, the yeast is tricky over there – you’re going to have navigate it to not get muddled in the process. After that, you’ll need to save some flavors and aroma for the final dry-hop. It might seem really hard, but you have 17 days to complete this challenge. Understand? OK, on your mark…get set…GO!
8.4% abv, 68 IBUs