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Please Advise IPA

IPA  |  7.4% ABV  |  60 IBU

Dear Sirs and/or Madams,

We are seeking information as to what type of IPA you typically manufacture. You see, at first glance they tend to appear hazy – though we admit, that haze varies in prevalence from batch to batch, presumably at the decision of your brewers. Regardless, this haze is most often misleading – because your IPAs have a noticeable bitterness (how dare you!?) and they finish quite dry, even snappy. The flavour and aromatic profiles are often quite fruity – albeit with the occasional floral or piney highlight, and another note that some would describe as “dank.” Either way, there’s very little malt and/or cereal presence, another confusing facet that’s cause for inquiry. And thus, we ask for a clarification, per se, as to what style of IPA is that you consider yourselves. Surely, we don’t want to assume you are constantly missing the mark in trying to create a West Coast IPA and/or a Northwest IPA and/or a New England IPA. We don’t get it. But we like it. Please Advise.

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TL,DR: 70% 2-Row, 30% Pilsner Malt. 60% Mosaic pellets & cryo, 25% Hallertau Blanc, 15% Citra. 15.8P to 2.7P
7.4% abv, 60 IBUs